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Bonavita BV1800SS 8-Cup Original Coffee Brewer Review


A review on the features, functions, pros, and cons of Bonavita BV1800SS
Bonavita BV1800SS has emerged as an excellent machine to brew coffee. This automatic coffee brewer is having with lots of advanced features which help a lot to make each coffee making step easier.  This machine consists of a new heater. This heater helps to reach and maintain the coffee brewing temperature properly. This machine is made to give a better flavor and brewing of coffee can also be made faster. 

bonavita coffee maker

Bonavita BV1800SS has been developed excellently, and it will take just 6 minutes to make coffee. With the help of this machine, it is possible to prepare at least 8 cups of coffee. The showerhead in the coffee machine ensures proper distribution of coffee over the coffee. The pre-infusion mode imitates the pour-over method of brewing coffee. It will pause the showerhead of the coffee grounds so that the optimal flavor can achieve. 



The kettle of this Bonavita coffee maker is always ready to mix the coffee with accuracy. With the increment in temperature of one degree, this kettle offers accuracy in the blending of coffee. This kettle is featured with gooseneck spout which is made to control while you will pour the coffee. A function called heat and hold is there, and this helps to maintain the temperature between 140˚F to 208˚F. This temperature lies up to 60 minutes. This kettle is made of stainless steel, and this can work correctly in a variable temperature. These kettles are of international standard and UL rated. Around the globe, almost all top ranked coffee centers are using this model because of its accuracy and consistency.

bonavita coffee maker 8-cup


This model is available with an accurate measuring scale which can do the measurement between 0.1 g to 2000g. This model is available in two modes one is regular, and another is pour-over. All these modes are available either in ounces or in grams. The best thing about the pour-over is that it is available in two primary features one is auto-tare, and another is auto-timer. These features make easy use of these kettles. Another advanced feature that you can also find in this model is available with the functionality of a stopwatch, and this will help you in manual brewing too. 

bonavita bv1800

Market Review of Bonavita BV1800SS 8-Cup Coffee Brewer

With the advancement in the field of technology, no one can deny the use of modern accessories in residences or restaurants in recent days. Various models of Bonavita are available in the market, and all of these have become able to satisfy customers. Bonavita BV1800SS has an excellent market review due to its’ advanced features.  This product has not only become accessible to the residents also almost all the restaurants all over the globe are using.

The prime features of the Bonavita 1800SS


bonavita coffee makers reviews


Bonavita coffee brewer machine is no doubt one of the most excellent ways to make at least 8 cups of coffee without any hassle. Whenever you are going to this machine, you must understand the prime characteristics of Bonavita. 
    The most important attribute of this product is that it is effortless to operate. One can perform this brewing machine without any trouble. 
    The water heater of this machine is extremely powerful. This heater can heat up to 1400W, and it can heat the water quickly. The heat is maintained through the entire brewing process. While making coffee, you will surely want to get the best flavor from it. The automatic temperature maintenance system is able to do that for you.
    The existence of shower head water inlet makes it sure that the water will be passed through the coffee grounds quickly. Once water can evenly pass through the coffee grounds, it will extract the best aroma and essence of the coffee beans. Hence this is no doubt one of the most significant features of this product.
    The exterior of this brewing machine is made of stainless steel, and the interior is made of thermal lining. This feature has made this product to preserve the temperature for a long time. 
    Bonavita 1800SS has become accessible to people all over the world as this accessory is easy to clean. The parts of this brewing machine such as filter basket, the lid and the shower lead water are easy to clean in the dishwasher. You can use any detergent to clean all the parts. 

bonavita 8-cup coffee maker

    Most of then it can be noticed that plastic used for making other coffee makers, cause serious impact on health. But, the plastics used to make all models of Bonavita are BPA free. Hence, you can be assured that no harmful chemical is used to make this product. 
    If you are going to arrange a party at your home and you are in need to organize lots of coffee cups, then selecting this product is the best for you. This product will help you to prepare at least 8 cups of coffee at a time. 
    If you are worried that in case you forget to switch off the machine then what will happen. Well, nothing to worry as this coffee brewing machine can switch off automatically. This feature will no doubt help to save power and hence your electricity bill will remain within your budget. 
    This model has approved by the Speciality Coffee Association of America known as SCAA. 


bonavita coffee maker reviews

How nicely does the Bonavita 1800SS perform? 

As per the survey, it has been noticed that the people from all parts of the world has approved this product as one of the best. Almost all the customers are impressed with the functions of this product. Here you need to follow the simple process. At first, add water then add coffee. Now press the switch on, and your coffee will get ready within a few minutes. 

bonavita 8 cup coffeemaker with thermal carafe


Coffee made with the help of this machine is able to offer you a great taste. The temperature will remain intact, and once you start sipping the coffee you will find that it is not warm; instead, it is hot. Especially during the winter, you will get an excellent experience. This machine takes only seven minutes to brew the coffee, and no doubt coffee will get prepared very quickly. 

Benefits of selecting Bonavita 1800SS

bonavita coffee

There are lots of branded coffee machines available in the market, but among these, the demand for Bonavita 1800SS is quite noticeable. But, every customer should understand the benefits that they will generally get by selecting this item. Let us have a look at the primary advantages of Bonavita. 
    The most popular reason for which this machine has become is its simplicity. It is easy to operate. There is only one on/off switch to manage and make coffee whenever you need. 
    This machine is able to make the perfect brew of coffee beans, and hence the taste of the drink will become just awesome. 
    You will be able to make coffee whenever you need. It takes only seven minutes, and you will get eight cups of coffee instantly. 
    This machine is so compact that it can fit into every type of kitchen of every size. If you keep this brewing machine, your kitchen will never look clumsy. 
    Every part of this machine is easily washable, and you can clean it in the dishwasher. 
    The price of this machine is suitable for your budget, and you do not need to think about the budget once you are going to purchase this machine. 
Hence, due to lots of advantages, this Bonavita 1800SS has become popular among the modern generation. 

Limitations of Bonavita 1800SS

bonavita 8 cup

There is no doubt that Bonavita 1800SS has lots of advantages. Still, there are certain limitations that are there in this product. So, you must understand the disadvantages of this machine over other models. 
    There are no times fixed in this machine. Hence every time you need to switch on the device. If you like to have a fresh coffee once you wake up in the morning, then you need to wait for some time. If this feature was there, then the product could have been more popular. 
    Another limitation can be found that if you want to have the coffee between the brewing processes, then you cannot have that. You can have the coffee until the pot got brewed. 

Tips for using the machine and getting the best result of it

bonavita coffee makers


Every customer after buying this machine will surely remain curious regarding the ways to use this product. Let us take a look at the tips which you should consider while using Bonavita and get the most flavored coffee.  
    At the time you buy this product, you will get the booklet mentioning all the instructions of the manufacturers. Here you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions only. 
    The next tip that you must follow is that you need to descale the machine at the regular intervals. 
    It is always necessary to maintain the product properly, and hence you must pay attention to cleaning the product safely. After every use, you need to clean this accessory. 
    It is always suggested to use the best quality of the coffee. You will get a medium to dry roasted coffee, and this will no doubt work the best. 
    Besides buying the best quality coffee, it is always suggested to use freshly ground beans. Using these beans will no doubt produce the maximum flavor. 
    After the coffee is made, you need to place the carafe onto its previous place. Here safety measures are required to be taken into consideration while placing back this flask onto the machine. It is because sometimes it keeps on twisting if it is not fixed on the device properly. 
    There must be a lid above the carafe. It is helpful while you will pour the coffee. 
    At the time while you are using this product, you must assure that there should be a plate just beside the machine. The filter basket is placed directly onto the flask, and whenever you are going to pour the coffee, this flask is required to remove. But at that time this will remain wet, and you must rest this in a perfect place. For this reason, it is necessary to place a plate beside this machine. 
So, in recent days no one can avoid the demand for this coffee brewing machine. A woman user said that it is an excellent help for here whenever she is going to arrange a get together at her home. During every such get together she is able to make at least 8 cups of coffee with the help of this product. So, with the help of Bonavita BV1800SS, it is quite natural for her to make lots of coffee within a short period. 
From the above incident, you will get a clear idea of how this coffee brewing machine generates a significant impact on every family member. This machine has also become extremely popular among various top-ranked restaurants. Another big reason for which this machine has become so popular is its price. Every manufacturer understands the requirement of the customers, and hence they always pay attention to maintain the cost of the product affordable. For its low price, it easy that any family can buy this machine. In the market, you will be able to find lots of brands, and among these, you can buy the best one as per your choice. You can visit online stores too so that you will get more ideas about various types of product of the same design and functions. From the different online stores, you will be able to select the best one for you and can place the order online. All the models available in the market and the online stores are available with all necessary features and hence can easily be used in the residents as well as in the restaurants. 


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