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Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker Review


Features and Specifications of BONAVITA 1900TS.
Do you like coffee? Coffee is one of the most consumed drinks in the world. Every year a lot of coffee is produced and consumed. It is a daily beverage consumed by people. One of the leading producers of coffee in Brazil. Brewing Coffee is an art. The perfectly the coffee is brewed the perfect the taste overcomes. Nowadays the traditional way of brewing coffee is almost obsolete. Due to an increase in demands of coffee in different coffee shops, most of the shop owners serve coffee brewed by a coffee maker or a machine. A coffee maker is a device which can easily brew a perfect cup of coffee for you in very less time; you need to put the required ingredients and select the amount to be poured during the preparation. The market of coffee maker has increased a lot due to its demands. And as a result, many companies came up with their design of coffee makers. But you should always do proper research before buying any coffee maker. The product here documented below is one of the best in brewing a perfect cup of coffee.  So you can take the review and make a wise decision to buy it and enjoy a perfect sip of coffee.     
With a coffee culture on the rise and several coffee joints flooding our roadsides many of us have taken a liking to home brewing. In this context, Bonavita has dedicated itself to the warm mission of simplified home brewing. With its foray into the latest technologies every year, Bonavita has redefined home brewing in a distinguishable fashion. The Bonavita BV 1900TS is the latest feather on the cap for the brewing company after having received a certificate from the Specialty Coffee Association for having met its rigorous technical standards. 
To believe that authentic coffee experience is not possible unless a humongous sum is splashed on is a greedy little lie. The Bonavita BV 1900TS is blessed with a number of features that work in sync to perfect brewing. Its size and its compactness put it well ahead of its counterparts in the same price spectrum. Its user-friendliness wins the favor of people who are not very conversant with the latest gizmos.


Design of BONAVITA BV 1900TS. 
The machine has just one switch-the power switch. It is, to be frank not the most authentic embodiment of the age that it belongs to. With other models investing a lot with fancy LED light blinking or LCD panels serving as instruments of ornamentation, the BONAVITA BV 1900TS, takes a practical approach. Its physical control is not an accurate indicator of the quality of coffee it brews. With its compact shape and almost pygmy size, it is sure to find a house for itself in the most constricted of spaces. If not overtly ostentatious, its shine and elegance are sure to be a hit with your modern kitchen décor, not only fitting well but also complementing it. Its design enables one not only to brew a cup of coffee but also store a pot, on need basis.



All great things come in small sizes. This beast of a machine can pump out at eight-cup carafe in about six minutes. Its operation becomes as simple as it gets because of its minimalistic approach to beverage making. You can cozy up in your favorite chair, as you watch your coffee beans pour aroma out of itself seamlessly. The only physical work includes filling the decanter with hot water and switching off the machine after it is finished with its warm magic. The 1500-watt heater optimizes the brewing temperature. The optional pre-infusion mode makes the grounded coffee beans turgid which allows degassing before finally brewing it. The wide showerhead is designed in a fashion to accentuate uniform flavor extraction from all the coffee beans. The showerhead designs and the flat bottomed basket allows for enhanced saturation of coffee beans. The double walled stainless steel, the carafe, the filter basket is dishwasher safe, and all plastic is BPA free if you’re hygiene freak or paranoid about such products. There are no fantastical gimmicks to see if the coffee is being brewed except for a red light on the power switch and a dripping sound on the carafe that only heightens your excitement for the next cup you are 
going to sip, in solace.                            


The water drains quickly, and the only part that requires cleaning by hand is its filter basket, besides the carafe and the tank, and that is an exercise one would like to practice for a cup of good coffee. The latest addition to this technological marvel is its ability to pre-infuse. By holding down the power switch for only five seconds, the unique brewing facility is triggered as indicated by a red light. BONAVITA 1900TS through this feature neutralizes all the unpleasant and acidic elements from freshly roasted coffee beans. The best of machines, as they say, ironically are artists in itself, not letting the owner realize when the masterpiece was created in plain sight. 
Performance of BONAVITA BV 1900TS
In terms of the coffee drip brewing process, the BONAVITA BV 1900TS is efficient and perhaps even more. The machine packs a punch, matching its market rivals in time and discipline as it maxes out 45 ounces of coffee in just about six minutes. Impressive to say the least. This is well under the guideline of eight minutes set by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). The BONAVITA BV 1900TS is too hot to handle. It reaches highly sought after 200 degrees Fahrenheit mark after about two minutes and gave consistent readings in between 200 to 201 for the rest of the brewing duration. Let us talk results, the BONAVITA BV 1900TS served cups of hot steaming coffee consistently, and even with the most adamant kinds of beans, which give a bitter brew if not taken care of, the machine was able to weave its magic on our taste buds. The numbers may sometimes mislead us, for we may be tricked into believing that it is over extracting (extraction percentage is around 27%), the machine brewed coffee that was aroma-rich, sweet and exceedingly wholesome. The thermal carafe in its price bracket is a clear winner, keeping the coffee hot (around the 150-degree mark) for about four hours after the coffee is brewed.


In return for all these facilities, the BONAVITA BV 1900TS requires diligent descaling. After every 100 brew cycles or 3 months, BONAVITA suggests descaling, but ultimately the frequency boils down to the hardness of the water. One brew cycle with water and cleaning powder and the next two brew cycles with plain water should suffice in that regard. Before using, one brew cycle with plain water is recommended. Regular maintenance goes a long way in ensuring the longevity of any product, and the outside of the brewer is to be washed with a soft cloth and soapy water. The carafe body should be kept away from the vicinity of the dishwasher.
From the manual book of BONAVITA BV 1900TS.
Even though using the machine is very simple, a user is asked to diligently follow the user manual before foraying into the art of home brewing. All kinds of precautionary measures are enumerated, to ensure the user's safety. An additional page is dedicated for coffee fanatics to direct them better to brew a cup of warm magic. With its accurate brewer diagram, the user is better able to understand the dynamics of its operation and hence operate it better. With its customer service helpline number one can easily reach out to the experts for warranty claim and repair, maintenance and adjustments of the device. The conditions applicable for warranty claim is enumerated clearly to keep the customers well informed. 
The manual also sheds light on some more additional safeguards for risk-free use, such as placing the appliance on a flat surface. The manual asks us to remove the carafe lid before brewing and other misapplications. A separate section is dedicated to just power cords. A short power cord is deliberately provided to mitigate the risks of tripping on wires. If a long cable is used, then the marked electrical rating of detachable power cord or extension cord should be at least as excellent as the electrical rating of the device itself.

bonavita coffee

For a better cup:
1.    The best extraction results when coffee is brewed in 6-8 cup batches with fresh, filtered, cold water.
2.    Brewing time should be about 6-8 minutes. It allows for proper water flow and saturation.
3.    Using freshly roasted coffee and grinding the beans just before brewing is essential considerations. Using coffee within a couple of weeks of its roast date is recommended along with proper storage.
4.    Pre-grinding should be avoided under normal circumstances as the air attacks essential oils and other volatile flavor components.
5.    For most consistent results, BONAVITA recommends measuring coffee by weight, using 10 grams of coffee per cup.
6.    Keep the filter basket, carafe and water tank clean.
7.    For maximum heat retention rinsing the carafe with hot water just before the brew begins is recommended. 

Step by step process of brewing. 

Brewing instructions 
1. Set the brewer on a flat and steady surface. 
2. Remove the carafe and filter basket from the brewer.
 3. Raise the lid of the water tank and pour in the required volume of fresh, filtered, cold water to the desired batch size. Do not fill above the MAX line. 
 4. Place a standard flat bottom filter in the filter basket. 
5. Scoop ground coffee into the filter using 10 grams of coffee per cup. 
6. If you measure coffee by volume, begin with two level tablespoons, and adjust according to your taste. This amount will vary depending upon your preferred roast. For example, two tablespoons of ground coffee can weigh between 6 grams of dark roast coffee to 11 grams of light roast coffee. 
7. Place the filter basket on the carafe (without lid) and put both backs into the brewer.
 8. Turn the brewer on. The on/ off switch will stay lit during the brewing process. The brewer will automatically shut off when the brewing cycle is complete. It can also be switched off manually at any time by pressing the on/off switch. 
9. After the brewing process ends, remove the coffee-filled carafe B and the filter basket from the brewer. 
10. For maximum heat, retention places the lid on the carafe shortly after the brew cycle is complete. 
11. To dispose of the used filter, dump it from the filter basket, rinse out filter basket, and set aside to dry. 
12. To pour coffee from the carafe, depress the lever on the carafe lid. The lid must be tightened firmly to allow for one-handed pouring.

Summation of the market report.
The BONAVITA BV 1900TS has been received well in the market. With its affordability and size and performance, people have taken a liking to it in all the countries. As the culture of home brewing increases, the demand for such products is likely to increase. Even offices are upgrading to BONAVITA BV 1900TS to keep the employees engaged in a warm cup of coffee amidst the jostle of corporate affairs. However, the machine with its single touch operation takes some getting used to, and because it cannot be programmed, one cannot select a time to start a brew. However, the reception has been overall an exhilarating success only because the quality of coffee speaks for itself. By giving due recognition to the BONAVITA BV 1900TS, in its category of home brewers, the SCAA vouches for the coffee quality that will leave your taste buds aroused. 
Color: Stainless Steel (with black rim).
Weight: 6.13lbs
Dimensions:  6.8*12.4*12.2 inches.
Brew type: drip.
Coffee stays hot for 3-4 hours
Brew Capacity: 8 cups.
Brewing temperature: 195F-205F.
Brew time: around 5 minutes for a full carafe.
Programmable: NA
Auto shutdown:  Yes (after the brew cycle is completed).

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