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ChefSteps CS10001 Joule Sous Vide Review


Features Overview of ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide
Earlier, people used to spend a long time cooking food. But now they don’t have time for that. These days people are so busy with their work that they prefer to eat outside. As this saves their time that they would spend on cooking food. As technology progressed, the ways of cooking food effortlessly have also evolved. Now health-conscious people prefer homemade healthy food. So that you don’t need to eat food outside. ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide is one of those products which make your whole cooking experience exciting. It is also known as Sous Vide Machines. It can cook any food, easy and convenient to use. Students, Professionals, working-class people, and homemakers can use it whenever they want in their kitchen.   


It is compact and easy to store. You can store it in your kitchen drawer easily after using it. ChefSteps Joule runs on electricity, however, consumes very fewer units. So, you need not worry about your electricity bill. It is a uniquely designed product. That's the reason, the manufacturing of this product always in demand. In today's fast life, people need this kind of product to make their life easy. It does not require any special cleaning and maintenance process. That makes it even more enjoyable. With this product, you can able to cook restaurant-style food with the same texture and taste at your home. Though it looks small in size, it is designed to cook food for lots of guests, relatives, and friends as well. A lot of chefs all across the world use this product for cooking food for their guests. Many restaurants use it for cooking meat and vegetables. The best part about this product is that you can operate from anywhere. If you are at your office, home or market, you can use it anywhere. If you need to go to the market and to cook food at the same time, you can do both easily. There is an application of this product helps you in operating ChefSteps Joule from anywhere. So, you can download this application from the app stores.

Get the most out of  ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide
Sous Vide Machines designed for user-friendly cooking experiences. It is one of those cooking machines which are designed to cook any food be it meat or vegetable. There are various dishes which you can cook with the help of ChefSteps Joule.

You can easily cook meat with ChefSteps Joule. This product manufactured in such a way that it does not overcook your food. What all you need to do is just put your food in a plastic bag, and put that bag in the pot. And the rest of the work it will do. You can cook your breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the help of a Sous Vide machine. The maximum water temperature, the machine can reach is 208 degrees Fahrenheit. This product is Wifi and Bluetooth ready and makes it even more user-friendly. You can operate it effortlessly while watching your favorite show on TV or sitting on your chair.

ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide – Feature and Specifications
It is essential to know about the features and specifications of this product before buying and using it. The features and specifications help you to decide whether you should buy this product or not. People who have already bought it and have been using it for a long time, you should take advice from them. All the features and specifications of this product are as follow:

●    This product is IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Wifi-Fi compatible, 2.4 GHz only. It takes half the space of other sous vide machines. It is small in size which makes it even easy to keep this product in the top drawer of your kitchen. Its slim body makes it more stylish and elegant.

ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide Sous Vide Machines

•    ChefSteps Joule is 11 inches tall. The weight of this product is only 1.3 pound. The base and cap of this product are made up of solid stainless steel makes it durable.
•    One thousand one hundred watts of powerful apparatus helps to heat water faster and cook food at a rapid speed.
•    You can operate with a mobile phone iOS 8.0 or latest and Android 4.4 or the latest operating system. To access all the features of this product the internet is required. Without the internet, you can only access a few elements of it.
•    This product connected with Bluetooth and Wifi. Connect it with your phone and cook food from anywhere. Wifi connection is required if you want to communicate with it from a longer distance. 
•    ChefSteps Joule works the best with the 120-volt outlet of electricity. Due to its precise heating technology, converters and voltage transformation, power supply more than 120 volts can damage the product.
•    The visual Doneness feature in the ChefSteps Joule app displays the procedure of how your food cooks. Every time you cook food in it, your food comes out predictably perfect.

ChefSteps Joule

●    No special equipment is required along with it to cook food. This product fits the best in deep bottom utensils of your kitchen. It attaches to almost any container, be it small saucepan or your favorite pot.
●    This product works with Amazon Alexa as well so that you can control it even with your voice.
●    It heats the water faster than precision cooker and an immersion circulator. It also holds the temperature with absolute accuracy and precision to ensure a perfect and flawless result every time.
How to use ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide?
You would be able to use ChefSteps Joule If you read all the instruction given in user manual. But, for your convenience here are step by step instructions on how to cook food like ramen egg, smoky chuck steak, steak fish and many more.

Step 1: Take a pot and fill the pot with water. Don’t fill is complete, fill the only ¾ portion of the container.                             

joule sous vide

Step 2
Now, put the ChefSteps Joule into a pot. And plug the wire of joule into the power socket. Switch on the button.
Step 3
Open the Joule app on your mobile phone and connect your phone with ChefSteps Joule. After connecting it, set the temperature.
Step 4
Pack your raw food in the plastic bag and dip it into the pot.

chefsteps cs10001

Step 5
Sit back; you will receive a notification as soon as your food cook.
Healthy & Tasty Dishes you can make with ChefSteps Joule
Crispy Chicken: Chicken nuggets is one of the favorite dishes. Whenever people crave for Crispy Chicken nuggets, they go to a restaurant or street food vendor. But now you can cook the same chicken nuggets at your home whenever you like to. This product cooks the chicken with the same precision as it cooked in the restaurant.
Salmon: Salmon fish is famous worldwide for its taste. Everybody loves it throughout the globe. Cooking salmon at home is not easy stuff. Sometimes it half cooked and sometimes it overcooked. But with ChefSteps Joule you can cook this delicious fish at your home on your own. Now there is no need to pay extra money for enjoying salmon dishes.
Eggs Benedict: It is a food, rich in protein. Eggs Benedict is one of the dishes that are full of nutrients, like protein and vitamins. So, it needs in our daily diet. Very few people can cook Eggs Benedict perfectly due to its complex cooking process. With the help of this product, anybody does not look good at cooking can make Eggs Benedict effortlessly.
Burgers: Burger is one of the personal preferences of party lovers. Whether you are going for a picnic or traveling or having a party at your home serving burger is always the best choice. If you cook a burger in a conventional method, it takes a long time. If you prepare your burger with the help of this product, you could able to save lots of time.
The list of dishes can cook with ChefSteps Joule is endless. The process of preparing with this product is the same whether you are cooking chicken or eggs. What all you need to do is to put the item in the plastic bag and dip it into the pot.
ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide Specifications
The dimensions of this product are 11 by 1.9 inches long, and the weight is 1.28 pounds. ChefSteps manufacture this product. It’s ASIN is B01M8MMLBI. ChefSteps Joule’s model no is CS10001. This product comes with a manufacturing warranty which means any manufacturing defect covers under this warranty.        

chefsteps cs10001 joule sous vide

This product comes with a LED indicator which shows the cooking status of your food. All the information related to the LED indicator gives in the user manual comes with it. This LED indicator is beneficial when it comes to cooking food with Chefsteps Joule. There is a switch at the top of this product, once you click that button the LED light powers. This indicator also shows that your product is working and cooking food for you. 
Comparing with other Sous Vide Machines
As you can see in the picture, this ChefSteps Joule is small in size as compare to other Sous Vide Machines. This product is also light in weight, makes it easy to carry it wherever you want to. Its compact size and less thickness than others make it different. Therefore it can be fit and stored in small spaces like a kitchen drawer and cupboard. Apart from that, it can also fit in any utensil be it pot or anything like that. Its compact design makes this product user-friendly and easy to use ChefSteps Joule.
Word of Caution
Though this product is safe to use, there are few things that you must remember, or you should be careful. This product is designed to warm the water to a specific temperature so that your food can cook. Once the water is getting hot, don’t put your finger or any part of your body into the pot. Try to avoid the direct touch of the water, as it can cause you external injuries. If you have children at your home, don’t let them come closer to this hot pot. 
If you take proper precautions while using this product, you will enjoy cooking food much. For more details regarding precautions and warning, please visit the official website of the merchandise you purchase. If you don’t find anything related to that call customer service, they will assist you better.
Use ChefSteps Joule with specific containers.

You can use ChefSteps Joule with any deep bottom container, be it a pot or anything. But for better experience using this product with specific containers actually, are designed for this product. The picture showed above a vessel is designed for cooking food with ChefSteps Joule. These kinds of containers are readily available in the market. You can buy them online or by visiting your nearby store. If you cook your food in these containers, you will get the maximum result. The best part about these containers is that they can also store your diet for a long time. Once you have cooked your food, keep the bottle with ChefSteps Joule aside as it is. Next time, you need not arrange all the things together. Just fill the container with water, and it is ready to cook food.
I hope this article would be helpful for you to know better about ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide along with its specifications and features. As per the customer review, this product is the best to cook food instantly and effortlessly. You also need food grade plastic bags to cook food. So, buy good quality plastic bags from the market. If you still have doubts then call customer care, they assist you better. Stay fit by keep cooking and eat healthy food at home, this will bring happiness to you.


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