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Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central 12 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker Review


Brief Description of the Best Coffee Machine You Can Find

Cuisinart DCC-1200 presents a coffee machine that combines at the same time a "retro" design and features cutting-edge techniques, and that the piece will become central to your kitchen.  The Brew Cen-Cuisinart is at the same time classic and lasting.  Its brushed metal body with normal controls encloses the most advanced latest technology.  It even has a filter of carbon that removes the impurities of water to maximize the taste of the coffee.  

The Brew Central coffee machine includes advanced cassettes such as a digital clock automatic with 24 hours in advance, automatic shutdown, self-check function Finally, a sound signal indicating the finish of preparation, which makes preparing good coffee has never been so easy.


cuisinart dcc-1200


Our elements in coffee processing: We strongly believe that there are four major components that are critical to make that perfect cuppa, which is relished with great pleasure by maximum of the coffee connoisseurs throughout the globe.  

 Component 1: Water
Coffee is made up of 98% of Water. Therefore, the quality of the water is so essential as coffee.  If the water has terrible taste, the coffee will also taste bad. Therefore, Cuisinart equipped the coffee machine Brew Central water filter. It is with a screen of carbon removes chlorine, calcium, bad taste and the bad smell of water.
 Component 2: Coffee
 Although most of the brew is for water, the flavor comes from coffee. To prepare quality coffee, you must use grains of coffee or ground coffee of good quality.  If you decide to grind the coffee, make sure that the beans are fresh.  Buy grains whole, approximately twice per week. Once the seeds are broken, the intense and rich taste of coffee starts to deteriorate. If you prefer the time, divide the grains into portions one or two weeks immediately after you buy and freeze them, in containers.  To maximize the aroma of the coffee, avoid exposing the beans to the air, light or moisture.  When removing the grains from the freezer, keep the container closed to ambient temperature, because the condensation may deteriorate the grains.  Some experts advise not to freeze coffee because its oils can coagulate. Others do not agree.  

 Component 3: The degree of grinding
Grinding is essential to preserve the taste coffee.  Ground coffee will produce a bitter coffee.  Ground coffee too much can let the water pass too quickly; this will create a watery coffee. We advise you to grind medium coffee.
Component 4: The proportions.
The cups of the Cuisinart coffee machine are the amount of 5 ounces (150 ml). Grind the coffee according to the number of cups desired.  We recommend using 1 tbsp of ground coffee per cup, but you can use more or less coffee.

 NOTE: This 12-cup coffee maker (2.8 L) has a maximum capacity of 15 tablespoons of ground coffee.  Do not exceed this quantity.  It could cause a spill, especially if the coffee has been grounded.


cuisinart coffee maker dcc 1200



1.    Put the function selector on BREW.
2.    Move the switch up (ON).  
3.    The red indicator light will turn on, and the preparation cycle will begin.


Move the switch towards down (OFF).

Put the function selector on CLOCK. Press the HOUR button to increase the hour more quickly.  When arrived, look for the near of the desired number, press the button and advance one digit at a time. When the hour passes 12 of the day, note the PM indicator will appear on the screen. Press the MIN button to increase the minutes more quickly.  When arrived near the desired number, press the button and advance one digit at a time. Check the scheduled time, put the function selector in another position or wait for until the numbers stop flashing.


cuisinart dcc 1200

To program the automatic ignition

1. Set the desired start time.
 Put the function selector on PROG.  Use the HR and MIN buttons to get the desired ignition time, the same time.
2.  Set the function selector to AUTO-ON.  The time of day will appear on the screen. Move the switch up (ON).
3. Greenlight will light to indicate that the start time automatic is programmed.  At the time the red indicator light is prefixed, it will turn on, and the preparation cycle will begin. Both lights will go out when the coffee machine is turned off.

To activate automatic preparation:
 The next day, turn on (ON) coffeemaker.  The green indicator light will light.
 To program it, set the function selector to OFF. Press and hold the HR button for 2 seconds. The information on the screen will begin to flash.  Use the HR and MIN buttons to time after which you want it to turn off the coffee maker, from 0 to 4 hours after the preparation cycle. Over time, calcium deposits (tartar) accumulate on the metal parts of the coffee maker. And the procedure of removing these calcium deposits from your favorite coffee machine is called Decalcification. To achieve optimal performance, you must clean with lime regularly.  The frequency of cleaning will depend on the hardness of the water and the rate of use of the coffee machine. 
Tartar affects the performance of the coffee maker and the taste of the coffee. To clean the coffee machine, fill the water tank up to the maximum capacity with 1/3 of white vinegar and 2/3 of water.  Press the SELF CLEAN button.  When the indicator light is turn on, move the switch up (ON) The indicator light will remain till the end of the cleaning cycle.  After cleaning the coffee machine will automatically turn off. Turn on the coffeemaker.  If the indicator light keeps flashing, do a second cycle of cleaning with a new water solution with vinegar. If it is off, repeats these steps with a freshwater tank to eliminate the smell of vinegar.

cuisinart brew central dcc-1200

 Press the self-cleaning button to cancel the programming of the coffee machine. If you accidentally press it, press another time to turn off the coffeemaker. For the preparation of 1-4 cups, button 1-4 allows preparing small amounts of coffee.  When it is ready small amounts of coffee with a traditional coffee maker, the coffee is lukewarm because the resistance of the coffee maker does not have time enough to heat the water.
Activate function to heat the water twice, so that coffee is so hot as if to prepare a full jar.

The CARAFE TEMP button allows you to control the Heating plate temperature after the preparation cycle.  Choose the desired setting: L (low), M (medium) or H (high).


Before preparing coffee for the first time in your Breina Central from Cuisinart, we advise you to use the coffee maker only with water and a filter paper. It will eliminate dust and other waste accumulated during the process of manufacturing.



Install the water filter from the plastic bag Remove the row and soak it within cold water for approximately 15 minutes. Grasp the stand with one hand and pull the lid of the filter compartment towards the body with the thumb of the other side.  The chamber will open. Place the filter inside the compartment and close this one.
Handle with care.  If you insert the filter in the wrong way, it will install incorrectly; the membrane could break. Hold the screen under running water for 10 seconds to rinse it.  The openings must be directly under the water. Allow the cleaner to drain completely. Replace the coffee holder inside the water tank, pushing it along the wall of the same until it is in the background.

We advise you to change the filter of water every 60 days or 60 uses, or more often if the water is hard. The specialized service is available in stores at, or by calling our after-sales service at 1-800-726-0190. You can also buy these water filters through our website online. 


cuisinart dcc-1200 manual



Whenever you use electrical appliances, you must take necessary safety precautions to reduce the risk of fire, electrocution or wounds, among which the following:
•    Do not touch the hot surfaces.   
•    Use the handle and the buttons or knobs.
•    To reduce the risk of electrocution, do not immerse the cord, the plug or the body of the appliance in water or other liquid.
•    This device should not be used by or near children or people with some disability.
•    Always take the plug out of the socket of the appliance when not in use and before cleaning. Allow it to cool before installing or Remove parts and before cleaning.
•    Do not use this appliance if the cord is pegged or is damaged after that had poorly worked or that would have fallen, or it was damaged. Return the device to a service center authorized for review, repair or adjustment.
•    The use of accessories not recommended or sold by Cuisinart for use with this model can cause injuries.
•    Do not use it outdoors.
•    Do not let the cord hang from the edge of the countertop or table.
•    Do not place the appliance on or near of a gas burner or hot electric burner, or in a hot oven.
•    Always fill the water tank before you connect the device to the socket. Always turn off the device (OFF) before disconnecting it.
•    Do not use the machine for any other filter that is not the indicated one.
•    Make sure the lid of the jar is duly closed before serving coffee.
•    To avoid burns, do not remove the cover during preparation.
•    The jug provided with this coffee maker has been designed to be used with this only.  Do not put it on a hot burner.
•    Do not use the jar if the glass is cracked.
•    Do not clean the jug or heating plate with abrasive cleaners, steel wool or other abrasive materials.
•    Avoid contact with moving parts.
•    Do not operate the appliance under or inside a closet.
•    Always disconnect the device before leaving it in a closet.  Leave the connected machine device presents a risk of fire, especially if it touches walls or the closet door.


cuisinart coffeemaker dcc 1200


The cable provided with this device is short, to reduce the danger that someone will hit or trip with a longer cable. An electric extension can be used, always respect the precautions. Nominal size of the extension must be at least equal to that of the device.
It is essential to place the extension on the countertop or table so that children cannot pull it or trip over it.
The cable of this device is equipped with a polarized plug (one leg is wider than the other).  As a safety measure, you can plug in only one way in the polarized outlet.  If it did not enter the socket, reverse it.  If not yet register completely, contact an electrical technician. It is also advisable to have the coffee machine serviced or for repairs by our trained service engineers only, or at your nearest Cuisinart’s Authorized Service center.

1. Put the box on a large, flat and safe surface.
2. Remove the instruction manual and other brochures of the box.
3. Flip the table to rest on its side and remove the coffee maker.
4. Move the box away and delete the material from the packaging.
5. Remove, sliding it, the piece of cardboard located between the lid of the jar and the Brew Pause mechanism.
6. Grasp the pot by the handle and remove the bag protection.
7. Remove the remainder coffeemaker from the packaging material. 

We advise you to keep the material of packaging, and the plastic bags out of reach of children.

cuisinart brew central dcc 1200

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