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Cuisinart DCC-3400 Stainless Steel Thermal Coffeemaker Review


The CUISINART DCC-3400 coffee maker implements professional coffee making technology making sure even warmer coffee temperatures are maintained without relinquishing flavor, aroma and the quality of the coffee you brew.
The convenient brew strength control enables you to select regular or bold coffee flavor. You can adjust the taste according to your own volition and choose the one you desire. The DCC 3400 is fully automatic and can be programmed a day in advance. This CUISINART DCC-3400 also features a brew pause feature, which enables you to sip your favorite cup of coffee without having to wait and before the brewing cycle has finished.
Most home brewers are only furnished with only so many features, but CUISINART DCC-3400, the thermal coffee maker, is technologically equipped with about all you can get, which makes it in comparison to its contemporaries, a regal selection as the machine is well endowed with advanced technology.
Most people have a propensity to go by price in their decision-making process in their purchase of new appliances for their kitchen. It’s highly improbable that you’re going find all features of a homebrewer jammed into one machine until you go for this machine. This coffee maker is a bargain buy. What is entirely flabbergasting is that you get a host of features all assembled with needle-eyed precision in one product. You can either while your time away by trying several coffee makers because each one has a specific task that you desire or close your eyes and take CUISINART DCC-3400 to home for a comprehensive home brewing experience.




Design and Hardware.
The design of this CUISINART DCC-3400 coffee maker is very sturdy. The device arrives with; a thermal carafe, a plastic coffee scoop, a coffee filter that can be washed and quite a few paper filters. Inside the invention, a waterspout is found which more or less resembles a showerhead and helps in dispensing the water directly over the coffee grounds. A plastic charcoal filter is provided with the device which helps in resolving any chlorine related smells and other smells and helps to make the water purer. The thermal carafe of the unit is metallic silver in color and is thermally designed to keep the coffee warmer for a specified period.
The Control Panel which is housed in front of the unit has a series of round shaped buttons for each of the unique features of CUISINART DCC-3400 coffee maker is capable of performing. Above the buttons, there is a small back-lit LCD screen that shows the clock. Around the clock, the settings buttons are lined to set your timer or your unit more of which can be understood after reading the manual. The side of the unit has a window which is made transparent for you to see inside the water tank and measure the amount of water you pour in. The unit dimensions are 10.88 x 10.12 x 16.38 inches. Weight is 10.2 pounds. The 12 cup carafe is stainless steel.
Features of CUISINART DC-3400.
The Brew Pause feature is tailor-made for those caffeine addicts who are always in a hurry or still on the move. This feature enables you to slip in sneakily to get that one cup of coffee without which your day doesn’t add up right and without having to wait for the entirety of the coffee to brew patiently. Pull out the carafe and pour yourself a cup of warm magic. If you are wondering about the mess from spilling of the coffee, then let me assure you that the brewing will pause automatically until the thermal carafe is placed back to its initial position on the coffee maker. Once the carafe is put down the maker will resume from where it left off and continue with the remainder of the brew cycle.
The clean button feature in this machine is a technological marvel in itself because you don’t have to drink coffee that tastes like its someone’s feet to understand that this device probably requires a thorough cleaning. The days of running about your house to get the vinegar and the cleaning solution and cleaning the machine are done away with. The smell of acetic acid all over your home is not a very appealing idea. The coffee maker will do all the work. With the addition of this feature, you have to wait for the machine to notify you.
Once you see the clean button turn crimson, you should be able to comprehend that it is time to calcify. Use the button to enjoy the self-cleaning function of the homebrewer and sit back. Let the machine take care of the rest. 


The Bold button is an innovative feature for you to strengthen your coffee up a notch and this button makes sure that your cup packs a punch. With a single touch of the Bold button, your coffee can brew itself from mild, regular into a potent brew that is going to kick you into consciousness.
If you like your coffee sweet and white, but your friend likes it a bit on the stronger side with a richer flavor, then you can use this button to please everyone’s taste buds.
The 1-4 button is a very economical feature for those of you who love to have their daily coffee fix once they are out of their bed but cannot consume the brew in its entirety. A perfect feature when you have nocturnal company, and you decide that a cup or two of coffee to warm yourself up is not the worst of ideas or wake up properly without making all the fresh coffee that might otherwise be wasted.
With a press of this button, you will have just 1-4 cups of coffee which is less than a whole pot without laying waste to the entire cup of coffee.
The Auto-On feature of CUISINART DCC-3400 enables you to program your brewer to make a pot of warm coffee for you at any hour of the day. It is a 24-hour programmable setting. All you’ve got to do is, set the time, prepare the brewer to sit back and just forget all about it.
The perfect feature for those of you who love to wake up to the unyielding smell of freshly brewed coffee without all the hassle.
The Cuisinart coffee maker is a perfect fit for any kitchen. This machine adjusts itself well to anyone’s type of lifestyle and surroundings. With all the features packed and its functions serving multiple purposes, this home brewer has a lot to offer it is destined to make everyone excited.
It fits the budget, and it provides the family. This quality in question is without any doubt, regal, top notch, all in one, fully functioning coffee maker. Adding DCC-3400 coffee maker to your household will only complement the other appliances and the interiors. Place it on the anywhere, but the counter seems to be the perfect spot where it is easy to get to. Switch it on, brew a fresh pot of coffee and make an impression on your friends, family and strangers alike.


Most customers are delighted with how this machine looks. However, there are a few issues with the design of the coffee maker’s thermal carafe. For instance, more than one customer complained that getting to the bottom of the carafe and pouring the last cup of coffee for yourself is a job that is going to take some effort.
If you’re concerned about avoiding wastage, you may want to look at different directions for an entirely different carafe design. However, as pointed out, most people find that this design makes beautifully blended hot coffee and works very efficaciously. Seldom do you find a coffee maker that doesn’t get a few negative reviews and this one is no exception.

cuisinart coffee maker dcc 3400

From the user manual of CUISINART DC 3400
1.    Fully unwind the cord before use.
2.    To protect yourself from electric shocks, do not immerse the cable or any part of the machine in water or any immersive liquids.
3.    Do not let the cord hang from any table or touch any hot surface.
4.    Do not leave the machine unattended when it is switched on.
5.    Children should be placed under adult supervision and should play with the device or any of its components.
6.    This appliance is only meant for domestic use. It should not be placed on any mobile vehicle or boats or outdoors.
7.    This appliance should be checked regularly. Do not use the instrument if the power cord or any part of the machine is broken or tampered with. Immediately call consumer service for quick resolution of the problem at hand.
8.    As a word of caution, this appliance should be used with cold, filtered water. Demineralized or distilled water can cause an adverse effect on the taste of the coffee. 

Your CUISINART DCC-3400 appliance is fitted with a short power cord to reduce the risk of personal injury or property damage resulting from pulling, tripping or becoming entangled with a longer cable. Longer detachable power cords or extension cords are available and may be used if care is exercised. If an extension cord is used, 
(1) The marked electrical rating of the wire used should be at least equal to the electrical rating of the appliance itself, 
(2) the cord should be arranged so that it will not drape over the counter-top or table where it can be pulled on by children or tripped over with juvenile pranks and 
(3) The extension cord must include a three-headed grounding plug.
Your coffee machine may go through a process of depositions from calcium and minerals contained in your water. This ‘scale’ or mineral deposition will deteriorate the machine’s performance and quality of the coffee it brews. It is essential that scale build-up is eroded. How often one de-scales will depend on the hardness of your water and the frequency of use. For best results, CUISINART recommends de-scaling once per month in soft water environments and more frequently in hard water environments.


Fill the water reservoir
Lift the coffeemaker lid and pour in the required amount of water in the reservoir of the machine taking help from the scale that is printed at the side of the coffeemaker.

Add grounded coffee 
Insert a #4 paper filter or a gold tone filter. Make sure that the filter is placed on the basket and its fully open. Once this is done pour one scoop of coffee or your required amount depending on the kind of coffee you want to drink. The maximum capacity for this machine is around 15 tablespoons, and anything more than that will cause spillage if the coffee is too finely ground.

Position carafe and plug-in unit
Place the carafe in the unit and ensure that the lid of the coffee maker is closed before you plug in the machine to the electrical point.

Setting preferences
Hold the 1-4 button if you want to brew coffee less than 5 cups and the buttons light will flash and will stay illuminated.
Hold the bold button if you want to brew a stronger flavored coffee and the light will stay illuminated. Stop holding the button to brew regular coffee.

Start brewing
Press the brew on/off button to start/stop brewing.

After brewing
Five beeps will emanate from the machine letting you know that the brewing is complete. After that coffee will stream from the filter for several seconds. 

Using cold water in the carafe can affect the taste and temperature of the coffee, use the preheated mode to ensure the water is hot already when the brewing process begins. 

Never open the filter basket when the machine is brewing even if there is no water because the hot coffee can spill itself and cause injuries and lesions.

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