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Cuisinart MSC-800 Cook Central 4-in-1 Multi-Cooker Review


A simple review of the features, functions, and cost of Cuisinart msc-800
Cuisinart msc-800 is an excellent option to cook food without firing up the stove. This cooker is available with all necessary features to cook simple and slowly with one button. The features like preset timing and temperature are in-built in the cooker. For slow cook and roasting, this product has become extremely popular. There is no doubt that this product will save lots of time and hence there is no need to wait for a long time during lunch or dinner. This type of cooker can cook for several hours over low heat. 

cuisinart msc 800

Cuisinart msc-800 is available with four fully programmable cooking functions. Cooking can be done on high and low, and it can keep food warm up to 24 hours. If roasting is required to be done, then one can make it at the temperatures from 250o F to 450o F. This feature is available up to 6 hours. Automatic keep warm function is also available with this cooker.

cuisinart msc-800

Let us take a look at the design and feature of Cuisinart msc-800

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There is no doubt that in this modern world, Cuisinart msc 800 has emerged as one of the most advanced technologies for cooking. If combination cooking is there, then one can easily change the mode of food in just a single touch. The aluminum pot is removable. This aluminum pot is easily washable. 

cuisinart msc 800 manual



This multi cooker has extra large blue backlit LCD display and these are also available with simple temperature setting. These settings are easy to read and operate too. This facility helps you to switch between the three programs such as slow cooking, brown and steam easily. You will not face any problem to set the cooking time and the temperature as well. The (+) button is there to enhance the temperature and the (-) button is to reduce the flame and the heat. The large start/stop button will help to resume and end the cooking process. Again the red light will stay on till the pot is not off. 

cuisinart slow cooker msc 800



The glass lid is available with this cooker helps to view clearly the ingredients for cooking. The effortless clean-up process is definitely one of the most effective features to use this cooker. This helps to see how the cooking is going on without opening the lid. Hence the heat will be kept intact and this is necessary when steaming heating will go on. 

cuisinart msc-800 manual



To keep it clean and clutter free, there is no need to put much effort. There is retractable cord is attached and it helps cooker to remain clutter free. The reversible roasting as well as the steaming rack is available with modern feature. 


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The brown ingredients are cooked at first and then these are roasted. Then with one button slow cooking is done. This actually helps in combination cooking. One can easily set the time and temperature before cooking. The controlling system of this is extremely easy to control. 

cuisinart msc-800 cook central 4-in-1 multi-cooker, 7 quart

The steamer of this multi cooker is extremely well built and it is easy to use too. Here you just need to select the steam setting and need to add water or any other liquid as per the requirement of the food item. 

The advantages of Cuisinart msc-800 :
The primary advantage of this cooker is that it is able to cook food at the low temperature. Cooking is done within 250°F and can be for a long time. This actually saves energy. This is really a great help for every person in the family. If anybody wants to carry on doing some other work during cooking then he or she can easily do so. Here it is just required to pour the ingredients into the pot and set the timer. Now, one can surely stay away from home and can do any work while the cooking will be going on with the help of this cooker. Even one can plan for a day trip while the food will be getting cooked by that time automatically. 
Every person who has already used this multi-cooker has enjoyed the facility of it. But those who have not tried it yet, they are also advised to use this. The technology is extremely helpful to prepare a roast at a slow flame. If one needs to go out for at least 6-8 hours and for lunch chicken is to prepare, then one can cook a large piece of meat at slow heat for 6-8 hours with this cooker. 
For meat such slow cooking procedure is extremely commendable. Cooking of meat at low heat is considered good as it will help to break down the tissues easily and food will be cooked properly. At last, when you will return home, you will notice that the food has been cooked properly.  
This specially designed cooker has changed the idea of traditional slow cooker. This has become popular because of two features. One, it is time saving due to the advanced pot in this cookware. Another feature is that due to use of this multi-cooker, there is no need to use lot of utensils. This multi-cooker can roast as well as cook your food as it is facilitated with steamer. So while you are going to cook meatballs or any other type of meat dish, using this multi-cooker will surely be a great option. 

Models and features of Cuisinmart msc- 800: 
This particular cooker is mainly available in four types of sizes. These are 4 quart, large 6 quart, and extra large 7 qt. Let us have a look the features and facilities of all those types of cookers.

Cuisinart Multicooker  4 Qt
This design is available with cooking functions of three programs. This is facilitated with blue additional large LCD display and this helps in easy reading of time and the temperature as well. The three programs are different phases of cooking such as low, medium and high. Beside this warm up advantage is also available for 24 hours. This includes automatic feature of keep warm. The glass lid is there to view the ingredients clearly and the cool touch handle is also there. It helps to hold the handle comfortably. The ingredients will get roasted at the temperature of 400°F and steam is done for up to 90 minutes. If combination cooking is necessary then one touch switch mode is extremely helpful. The cooking pot is made of aluminum and there are four removable parts. All the parts are easily removable and can be cleaned up in the dishwasher safely. Another feature for which this cooking accessory has become popular is the existence of steaming rack. 
Cuisinart Multi cooker  6 Qt
This design has also become quite popular due to removable 6 non stick pots. This is also available with three programs for cooking. Here one can cook at low, medium and high temperature. Warm up feature is also available for 24 hours and this quality is also automatic. The blue backlit LCD screen helps to read the temperature and time perfectly.  To brown and sauté food dishes, it will take 400°F and steam up will be done for 90 minutes. You will also be able to make the combination cooking with the help of one touch switches. Ingredients of food items can easily be observed while cooking with the help of glass lid. The cooking pots are safe for washing in the dishwasher and cleaning can be done effortlessly. The steaming rack is extremely helpful and this is available with 3 years of warranty. 

Extra Large 7 Qt.
This is another great feature of Cuisinart msc-800. The slow cooking will be done with the help of 4 fully programmable functions. Slow cooking with this cooker will be done on high, low and simmer. Warm up of food items can be done up to for 24 hours. The automatic keep warm characteristic of this cooker has definitely made this item more popular. This design is made easy for roasting of meat. One can do the roast of meat at the temperature of 250°F to 450°F. It will take 6 hours for roasting of meat at slow heat. To brown the food items and sauté them, the temperature can be up to 500°F. Steam up of food items will be done for 90 minutes. The reversible and roasting rack is made with modern features and it remains clutter free automatically with the help of convenient retractable cord. The pots are removable and can easily be washable in the dishwasher. The entire clean-up process is extremely easy. 

The necessity of using this multi-cooker 
In recent days, with the help of advancement in modern technology, huge changes can also be noticed in various cooking accessories. People are busy in these days and they will definitely try to use such an accessory which is able to prepare various dishes at the same time and save time. Here is Cuisinart msc-800 which is one of the best discoveries among different types of cookers. You can easily complete your urgent tasks while the lunch or the dinner will be getting cooked automatically. 

Market review and the reasons for popularity of this cooker
The popularity of this Cuisinart msc-800 can never be ignored and this product has become extremely useful to huge numbers of families. Well the reasons behind such popularity can be explained as below. 

•    Lightweight: The best part of this cooking system is the lightweight. Previously these items were extremely heavy due to the presence of ceramic pots. These were nearly of 21 pounds. Not only heavy, but also these were clumsy and people found it quite tough to lift and clean. But the present model of this cooker is extremely advanced and these are made of nonstick aluminum pot. These pots are also available with Teflon coasting. You can simply use this pot in the dishwasher and this process is safe too. These nonstick pots are shallower than that of other models of slow cooker. it is easy to use and cook too. 
•    Easy to use: The LCD backlight makes the system easy to use. This helps to set the timer properly and no complicated programming is required to operate this. 
•    Retractable power cord: For every use, this is one of the most necessary features. The power is able to be retracted easily. 
•    Proper browning of ingredients: This cooker can be heat upto 500F and hence every ingredient can get browned properly. 
•    Various sizes: This cooker is available in three different sizes and once you are going to buy the one, you should buy it according to the size of the family. 4 QT cooker is suitable for small families whereas the 6 and the 7 QT is suitable for large families. 
•    Different Sizes: I love that they have 3 different sizes, a 4-quart unit for small families, a standard sized 6-quart, and a larger 7-quart that I like to use because we entertain often.
Moreover the present models are quite sleeker than the previous ones. Hence, a homeowner can place them in the pantry of all sizes. 

cuisinart msc-800 reviews


One woman says that she needs to leave her children to school and by that time it is also necessary to get her lunch ready. Here, the Cuisinart msc-800 has become a great help for her. Now she can put the ingredients in the pot and leaves it for cooking at low flame. By that time, she can make her child ready for school. So, the invention of the advanced model of cuisinmart is really helpful for every homemaker. 
The above is a common story among every family member in recent days. The cost is also within the budget and a family can use this product according to the requirement. You can find lots of brands and most of these are trustworthy. Apart from visiting the stores directly one can also place online order. You can visit the different models online and can select the models as per the requirement. Almost all the models are appropriate for domestic needs. 

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