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Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Review


Features Overview of Cuisinart Toa-60

In today's life, it has become essential that you eat healthy and nutritional foods. Because the kind of work pressure you have in your day to day life, your body requires nutrition more than ever before. But the problem with our work life is that we hardly get time to cook meal for ourselves, and the foods which we get from outside are not healthy. Most of the restaurants and roadside vendors sell deep fried food items which are harmful to our health. Therefore there is a need for a product which could help us in cooking our food and does not take much time and effort from us. Once we start preparing food for us, we will be able to live a healthy life. Cuisinart Toa-60 will also help us to save our money which we usually spend on foods which we eat outside.
cuisinart toa-60 air fryer toaster oven

Here is a product which is designed to solve your problem related to cooking food. It is an ideal oven to cook any food items. So, read this article to know more about this excellent product which can change your way of eating forever. In this article, all the details and information related to this product is covered. I hope this would be beneficial for you.
Cuisinart Toa-60
Cuisinart Toa-60 is an Air Fryer Toaster stove. Air Fry is a technique used in kitchen appliances; it cooks food by circulating hot air around the food, using the convection mechanism. When you air fry your diet, you get a crispy layer and delicious taste. This Cuisinart Toa helps you to cook your food in less oil and butter. Now, you don't need to submerge foods in hot oil to the pan. This product air fries your diet, which means it coats your food in a thin layer of oil while circulating hot air. This appliance can brown foods like Chicken, Potato Chips, Fish, Cheeseburgers, pastries, French Fries and steak. All these items need deep frying if you use conventional methods to cook them. But, with this product, you don't need to deep fry anything. Apart from that, it can also bake, broils and toasts food items. Carl Sontheimer founded Cuisinart in the year 1973. It was the time when he saw the food processor as a quick and easy way to make beautiful and healthy foods or dishes. Today, Cuisinart is a well-renowned name in the food industry.                                             
cuisinart toa-60

Cuisinart Toa-60 oven can change your life for good. It would not only help you to stay fit and healthy, but it would also save you a lot of time which you spend on cooking. It is a very compact sized oven which could easily be fit on the countertop of your kitchen, as shown in the above picture. Since it would be on the countertop, you would not need to shift it back and forth. It takes a small space of your kitchen, no matter you have a big or small kitchen it would fit there. There are many food items that you can cook at your home with the help of Cuisinart Toa-60 oven which you usually buy from outside. With the help of this product, you can also prepare food for your guests and friends in less time. This oven is designed for an effortless cooking experience which will help you to manage both your personal and professional life.

Features of Cuisinart Toa-60
This stove comes with so many exciting features. Those features are designed to make your cooking effortless and exciting.
•    Oven Timer Dial: This feature prevents you from overcooking your food. It works with all the functions except the toast function. Once you set the timer, your food will be cooked, and the unit will power off. Children above the age of 14 years can also cook food for themselves with this oven. Isn’t it exciting?
cuisinart toa-60 air fryer toaster oven with light, silver

•    Oven Temperature Dial: This feature helps you to set the temperature in which you want to cook your food. Different food items require different temperature, and this feature helps you to achieve that. 
•    Functional Dial: It is designed to select the cooking method like warm, Broil, Toast, Convection Broil, Convectional Bake, Bake, AirFry and so on.
•    Toast Timer Dial: This feature powers the unit on and begins the toasting cycle. It is used to set the desired toast shade from light to dark. When the toasting cycle is completed, the unit will automatically power off.
•    Light Button: There is an interior oven light which works only when the oven is in use. To use this light, push the button which is placed at the top of the front of the stove. This light will not work if the power is off.
•    Safety Auto off Door Switch: This feature is designed for the safety of the consumers. When the door is opened, the power supply to the unit is cut off automatically. Make sure you keep the door closed while using this oven.
•    Comfortable Cleaning Interior: The surface of this oven is coated. Therefore it can be cleaned very easily. This coated surface prevents the furnace from stains and increases the life of this product.
•    Oven Rack: This oven comes with oven rack which would help you to cook your meal 360 degrees. There are two positions inside the stove where this rack can be placed. 
•    Other accessories: AirFryer Basket and Baking Pan/Drip Tray are the accessories which come with Cuisinart Toa-60 oven. These trays are designed to cook your meal thoroughly. You can bake, toast and air-fry your food items very quickly with the help of these accessories.
Get More Out of Cuisinart Toa-60
There are many methods of cooking food with this oven. You can bake, AirFry, Broil and Toast your food items.
•    AirFrying: As it is already discussed that Air frying is the method of a thin coating layer of oil over food to give it a crispy layer. It is one of the ways to cook healthy food for oneself without sacrificing taste.  
cuisinart toa-60 convection toaster oven air fryer

Above is the photo of Air Fried Chicken. You can see how crispy and well cooked this chicken is. The method of AirFrying Chicken is simple, marinate your chicken and then coat it with little oil. And then, the rest of the work would be done by the Cuisinart Toa-60 oven. You can also AirFry other food items such as fish, Potatoes, hotdogs, vegetables and so on. Below, you can see the photos of these items after being Airfried.

•    Broiling:  Broiling is a method which is used to get grill-like results in your kitchen. Grilling usually requires open space, because of the smoke which comes out from it. So, it is not feasible to grill food items in the kitchen. But, with this oven, you can broil your food which gives precisely the same kind of texture and taste which you get from grilling.
cuisinart air fryer toaster oven toa-60


•    Baking: It is one of the conventional methods of cooking bakery items. This process is usually done in an oven. Cuisinart Toa-60 is an ideal oven to bake your food. Foods that you can prepare with the help of this oven are pastries, cakes, pies, tarts, quiches, cookies, scones, pretzels, crackers and so on. 
•   Toasting: Toasting is a method of making stale bread more palatable. Thus, it becomes easy to spread toppings on the food after toasting the bread. It is one of the best features of this oven because toasting bread is the need of our day to day life. This oven gives the exact texture and crunchiness to the food which we love.

Specifications of Cuisinart Toa-60

Followings are the specification of this oven which makes this oven unique in its way.
•    Dimensions: The dimensions of this oven are 14 by 15.8 by 14 inches. It is a compact sized oven which can easily be fit in any corner of your kitchen. You will not even notice it in your kitchen if it is not in use.
cuisinart toa-60 air fryer toaster oven, silver

•    Weight: The weight of this product is 21 pounds. It is one of the lightest ovens available in the market. You can easily lift it and shift it wherever you want.
•    Manufacturer:  Cuisinart manufactured this product. They are best in manufacturing ovens.
•    ASIN: B01K0W8LTE
•    Model Number: Model number of this oven is TOA-60.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Cuisinart Toa-60
Though, it is straightforward to clean this oven. But, there are a few things which you must remember while or before cleaning it. There are some of the points on how to clean Cuisinart Toa-60 which are as follows:
•    Allow the oven to cool down completely before you start cleaning it.
•    Unplug the power cable before cleaning.
•    It is recommended that you should not apply any abrasive cleaners directly on the oven, as this could damage the surface of your oven. Use the damp, clean and dry cloth to wipe the exterior of the oven. 
•    To clean interior walls, do not use harsh abrasive products. Use only wet cloth or sponge and mild liquid soap solutions, never use steel pads to clean the interior of this oven.
•    To clean the Oven Rack, Baking Pan, Crumb Tray, and Airfyer Basket use only hot water; as they are not dishwasher safe. You can use a nylon brush to rub them.
•    After cooking foods, always clean the interior of the oven. If you clean the interior regularly, your furnace will perform as good as a new one.
•    Use the cord storage cleats which is on the back of the stove. Never wrap the cord around the furnace, as it could damage the cord and leave stains on the stove.
•    Servicing of Cuisinart Toa-60 oven should be performed only by an authorized service representative.

Warranty and Services
Cuisinart Toa-60 comes with three years of limited warranty. This warranty is available for consumers only; you become a consumer when you buy this product. You would not be eligible for a warranty if you use this oven for commercial purposes. For more information about the warranty and services, please visit the official website of Cuisinart, 

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
1.    Does anyone know if this is a dual voltage, e.g., 110 and 220-240?
This oven runs on 110 volts of power supply. If you have a different power supply, use an adapter.

2.    Why do you have to leave this oven unplugged when not in use?
It is not required to leave it unplugged when not in use. But, it is recommended to do so.

3.    Does this smoke when air frying greasy foods like chicken wings?
If you rinsed the wings and add seasoning and spray the rack with olive oil, no smoke will be there while cooking. And the taste of chicken would be delicious.

4.    Is it noisy?
No, no. This oven is noise free; you would not even notice its presence while cooking food. 

5.    Are there heating elements in the bottom as well as the top?
There are four heating elements on the top and two on the bottom.

6.    How well and quickly does it toast?
It toasts even faster if you toast in air-fry mode. And the quality of the toast is also useful when you air-fry.

If you are looking for a kitchen appliance which can solve your problem of baking, roasting, broiling, and air-frying, then this stove is ideal for your kitchen. It is designed to make your cooking experience hassle-free and exciting. You can cook almost anything in this oven without taking help from anyone. The information and details mentioned in this article are best and right in my knowledge. I hope after reading this article, you must have made up your mind to buy Cuisinart Toa-60 fantastic oven.  And it is my advice that you should buy Cuisinart Toa-60. Thanks for reading this article. Eat healthy stay healthy and live a happy life.

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