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Nutribullet 600 Watt Blender Review


Nutribullet 600 – stylish compact unit for household use
Some years ago blender meant heavyweight components with large sizes and giant shapes, and accordingly, the prices were too high. Such early day's products' presentations were gigantic for household uses. By following the design, cost, and weight, buyers for residential application became afraid to touch. Some people had to buy because of the necessity, but that costs too much. The heaviness and high prices were two factors of keeping blenders away from families. The scenario was the same before Nutribullet had launched its first invention.
Nutribullet 600 had launched a long time after the first product release.


The earlier products of the brand had gained positive market reactions. Nutribullet's brought compactness in the blender industry. Sleek design, stylish presentation, creative blade shapes, tight length, lightweight and low cost are the factors that established Nutribullet's compact products poles apart of the giant blenders. See the compactness at the image below.

nutribullet walmart


The compact units have turned the head of the customers who want to get a blender for residential purposes. Many have brought and used stylish products and react positively. Thus, the company could manufacture a lot more compact units with different specifications. Nutribullet 600 is a result of the thought of providing more impactful and supportive blender to the families.
User-friendly features:
The 600watt motor is the most powerful motor in this size. Before the launch of Nutribullet 600, there were no such blenders in the market that has such a powerful engine in a small size household blender. The motor power can break, slice and emulsify up to 500 grams ingredients in less than two minutes. As it generates immense speed in less period and stops immediately after cutting off the connectivity, therefore, it prepares food quickly without energy wastage.

nutribullet prime


The blades of Nutribullet 600 are made of stainless steel. There are four parts of the extractor blade, which is connected to a center.


nutribullet blender

Milling blade has divided into two parts and accelerated via the single gravity.


nutribullet amazon


The sharpness of the blades is too much for cutting tough veggies and fruits. With a 600 extreme motor speed has accelerated, which increases the strength of the blades. Users have to fill the cup and fit on base and then twist it. Thus the motor would be generated, and the blades would start its action. The complete work would be finished within a minute. Whether you have filled nuts, heavy layered veggies or fruits, the blade would make everything shapeless within 60-70 seconds.
There are one tall cup and two small cups, with one handled ring, two standard rings, and sealable lids. Each container, ring, and the lid is made by durable plastic for keeping the break or smash up possibilities low. Different cup sizes are utility toolkit for meeting the exact quantity as per the dietician referred. The handled ring makes the operation and consumption process simple. Users need to prepare the shake or smoothie and dissemble that from the base and consume that without using any other container. It would help to manage time. Each lid provides airtight sealing for saving from leaks.

nutribullet 600


The stainless steel power base is another utility toolkit of Nutribullet 600 compact unit. The material doesn't flow electricity. So, in case of any short circuit or other dysfunction, users would be safe even if their body is connected to the machine's base. Stainless steel is a durable material; it can resist robust or dust and able to carry good weight. So, the material has low cracking and damaging possibilities.

nutribullet special edition 600-watt nutribullet blender


Specifications that ensures a higher user-experience:
Nutribullet 600 has some conditions that help the users regarding the operation, storing and maintenance process. 
The recipe book has explained different types of smoothie recipes. Recipes for beginners, advanced users, diet smoothies, protein shakes for gym buffs and filling recipes.

nutribullet 600 blender 6 piece set

Users can read the book, or they can follow their recipe for arranging ingredients. Use enough water and ice with other ingredients. Fit the cup covered by lids on the power base. An electric plug is integrated into the power base, which should be connected to an electric point for connectivity. Just plug-in and switch on. Twist the cup, and the smoothie would be ready in less than one minute.
Nutribullet 600 comes in a perfect container. A great box made by strong pitch-board is used at the upper layer, and every accessory is packed differently in it.

nutribullet 600 watt blender


There is a tray divided into multiple sections as per the shape of the accessories.

nutribullet 600 blender

If the buyers want to store the blender for some months, then the box would be handy for ensuring safety. While the gizmo is in regular use, then disassemble the cups, lids from the base and store that in the rack. The sleek design doesn't take much space of the cabinets. It can live in an inconspicuous area.


nutribullet 600-watt blender


The little size of the accessories is elementary to clean. The raw materials, which are applied for manufacturing, are dishwashable. So, dissemble blades, lid, and cup and apply dishwashing technique. Use little brush for washing some difficult corner of the gizmo. Make sure that the product is completely cleared before storing. Any particles may dry up into the product with time and obstruct next smooth runs. 
Who shall buy it?
There are some specific reasons for buying Nutribullet 600. The item is valuable for specific purposes. People that can match their need with the functionalities shall go for purchasing it because it has a low price and good production ability.
Preparing breakfast or lunch smoothie and shakes for one:   
With a 600 watt motor, the accessories of Nutribullet 600 are perfect for making enough quantity of a morning smoothie or noon soup for one family member. The fixtures are very light in weight and lean in design. The price is very competitive. Function wise, the item has a broad range. Nutribullet 600 can break, slice and blend vegetables, fruits, nuts, and ices effortlessly. With these previously mentioned specifications, the blender has an adequate capacity of preparing healthy smoothies every day. Families that have limited quantity need should go for the short sized blender rather than huge ones. The small mixing containers can produce sufficient quantity for one person at a time. So, compactness and limited production ability are two factors that can serve the exact amount consistently for one head.

nutribullet 600 12 piece juicer blender

•    In case a lady creates healthy breakfast for her health-conscious husband, then some smoothie recipes of the recipe book (included to the shipping) can be prepared effortlessly and quickly. Simple operation process allows the husband to serve a good smoothie gift to her wife as well.
•    If anybody lives single and spend a busy schedule every day, then making a good smoothie in the morning is hazardless. It keeps the health well and makes the morning energetic. 
•    People who make their diets, Nutribullet 600 would be a great weapon for them. The blender can prepare protein shakes easily. 
•    Mothers can save time and effort by making some delicious recipes by the blender.
•    Anybody that wants to create some healthy and tasty smoothie for their beloved ones of for himself Nutribullet 600 is the best choice for accomplishing the need efficiently.
Different sizes of cups for more than one:

nutribullet special edition 600 watt nutribullet blender

The package includes one tall cup and two small cups. The tall cup's size is 24 ounce. Such quantity is enough for two members' families. One tall cup of smoothie with two pieces of bread and one or two egg white is a perfect healthy breakfast. If two members want to be on the smoothie only, then opt for any filling smoothie recipe. The tall cup would provide a great quantity for maintaining the protein consumption level in the morning. On weekends, the family member can spend some more time with Nutribullet 600. Use the tall cup two times to create delicious liquid items or one time and add some more delicious foods to start a good holiday. 
18ounces cup sizes are the actual size for one head. This size prepares the right quantity that would maintain the right diet for one. In crush or Kito diet course 18 ounces level is perfect for two heads as well. If you are in such six pack diet chart, then talk with your dietician about the recipe and quantity and then select the cup. Eighteen ounces cup size's liquid is sufficient for a child's breakfast. 
As there is three cups total, there three different recipes can be prepared for the whole family. The quantity can attend more than two people correctly. Pour three different ingredients at three cups and fit on the power-torque base one after another. The preparation process would take a few minutes to complete three different smoothies or other items.
People who live in hot climates smoothies are the best foods for them. Vegetable and fruit smoothie is not only losses fat but also keeps the water level of the body right, and thus the body lives cooler. Nutribullet 600 makes smoothie preparation very simple. Now people don't need any expert knowledge or colossal effort. Just follow the actual quantity of the ingredients as per the manual book and arrange those into the cup and run the machine. Thus, any common man can prepare a healthy smoothie. So, every household shall look at the product. There are three different cups for making more quantity liquid items for serving to more family members. 
How much Nutribullet 600 can produce?
Productivity power of the machine is limited. People shouldn't expect too much. Nutribullet 600 can produce good protein shakes and smoothies only. If the future buyers are hoping to get large varieties of delicious recipes, then they must go for some other products. 6oo watt force of Nutribullet has the exclusive ability to create shakes and smoothies in less time.
There are some factors to keep in mind for better user experience.
1.    Fruits and veggies need to be chopped at a perfect size for encasing the blades ability. The extractor is unable to cut long pieces.  As blade size is short and capacity is limited, therefore users shouldn't commit any massive food particle. 
2.    Apply enough water or ice with the mixture. Water keeps motor at the average temp, so without adequate water and ice, the engine can heat too much and decrease the product's health. Along with it, water makes the smoothie perfect. Otherwise, the preparation would be thick. Thus, the best smoothie can't be availed.
3.    Rinse every component after use. Any food particle in the parts of Nutribullet 600 would cause noisy operation. 
4.    Old blades and the presence of food particles are the reason of irritating noise. The users can decrease that by changing the edge and clearing the gizmo. The blades are available separately.
5.    Use of coffee been for grinding is good, but there are some restrictions of using. So, follow the guide book before filling anything for blending.
6.    Don't ever cross the max level. The ingredients and ice with adequate water should live under the max line for getting away from the leaking tendency.
Avoid all the complicated topics and let's have a simple understanding of the pros and cons. 
Pros in one line:
Nutribullet 600 is a small tool that can slice, break and blend limited quantity chopped items.
Cons in one line:
The compact unit shouldn't be applied for dealing with considerable quantity preparation, and except smoothie, protein shakes and cold coffee recipes.
Customer's reaction:
Many families brought Nutribullet 600 for accomplishing their fastest smoothie making need. The responses of the customers had highlighted different perspectives. Here some main sides have summarized. If you want to buy the product, then please have a look at what early customers had faced.
Many customers have reacted negatively because of the leakage, noise and inconsistent services.
There are some reports of breakage and non-supportive customer care service as well.


nutribullet 600 series blender


Nutribullet has admired the reviews along with positive reviews. Many families gave five stars after getting excellent service of Nutribullet 600 for a long time.
As per the previous segment of the review and the manual book's caution chapter people should follow the instructions. There is a clear brief of the capacity of Nutribullet 600 what to do and what not. In case users face any irritating problem regarding their gizmo, then blade replacement, following the don'ts and obedience to the guide book are the ways to get relief. Users should maintain the instructions for safe and smooth use.

nutribullet special edition nutrition extractor blender 600 upc

Item's description:
•    Weight – 6.48 pounds
•    Motor – 600watts
•    Dimension – 11.6 x 12.3 x 7.6 inches
•    Accessories – 1power base, 2 short cups (18 ounces), 1 tall cup (24ounces), 1 extracting blade, 1 milling blade, 2 lids, 1 handled ring
•    Manufacturer – Nutribullet
•    Material – stainless steel and plastic


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