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NutriBullet Pro - 13-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer Review


NutriBullet Pro the next level of a normal juicer – it's a multi-functional powerful extractor  
A healthy life is one of the most concerned topics in the modern world. Many people spend lots of money, effort and time for getting a fit body and mind. A proper diet plays a vital role in achieving perfect health. The experts say that dieting has 50%-60% impacts and the rest of getting good shape depends on the exercise. So, dieting is a must for reaching the desired point. NutriBullet Pro is a specially designed nutrient extractor that provides more than 700 recipes of healthy smoothies.




NutriBullet Pro has decreased the stress of creating healthy food in the morning, afternoon or at night. It's true that people had to give massive effort in preparing the diet foods for the day. In most cases, diet food cooking takes a considerable time of day. Smoothie is a great diet item and making tasty smoothie takes enormous time as well. NutriBullet Pro is an angel of health-conscious families. The nutrient extractor is beyond than a regular juicer or mixer grinder. It blends various fruits, vegetables, seeds, and other items in minutes and delivers the healthiest and tastiest smoothie that one has ever sipped.

nutribullet walmart


The accessories of NutriBullet Pro have integrated tactfully to produce the most effortless extractor. Every toolkit is designed for a smoother workflow and better result acceleration. The primary difference between NutriBullet extractors and ordinary mixers or juicers has concealed in its foundation. 13 piece mixer and blender system with 900watt motor power not only mixes or breaks but also pulverizes and emulsifies. The range of handling fruits, vegetables, and seeds of the extractor are more than any standard juicer or mixer as well. Each pattern of the product and the package can increase the users' experience.  
Durable power base:

nutribullet blender


There is a high-toque power base of an innovative champagne color. The bottom of NutriBullet Pro is durable enough for carrying the heaviness of foods, the pressure of the motor, blades and other accessories. The basic design of the base has followed a cylinder type shape and lean and stylish presentation. The bottom not only looks vibrant but also it serves the purpose dauntlessly. The base is made by stainless steel that doesn't catch robust of dust and stays for a long time.
Cyclonic blade:

nutribullet amazon


The main extractor blade for emulsification is the next most crucial factor of the tool. The stainless steel material has used in manufacturing the power blades of NutriBullet Pro. So, it doesn't catch robust or dust as the power base. The blades are sharp and long enough for extracting toughest fruits and vegetables, and even the blades can grind strong seeds. Cyclonic action type has implemented for speeding up the process. Therefore, the blades are able to make any hard material powder within some minutes.
900-watt motor:

nutribullet pro 900


The motor that generates the action is another best accessory of the NutriBullet Pro package. 900-watt power is enormous for pulverizing and emulsifying any material after the initial breakings. The motor's foundation makes the perfect platform of the user-friendly extractor. Smooth running for a long time is the aim of any good engine, and 900-watt robust set-up and acute manufacturing has integrated such ability into the machine. Capacity wise the motor is more powerful than any regular juicer's toolkit.

Cups and Lids:


nutribullet special edition 900-watt nutribullet blender


One tall cup and one big colossal cup are included in the package of NutriBullet Pro. The cups' capacity is 32oz. So, the right quantity of ingredients can be stored in it. If one cup creates any dysfunction, then an alternate container has included for keeping the work on. Both cups have different applications. The cups can be scaled differently. One flip-top lid, handled lip and comfort lip rings are in the package for creating no leaking coverings during the mixing.  Different covers are usable for various functions.
Accessories of knowledge:

nutribullet 900 blender 13 piece set


There is a perfect manual book in the NutriBullet Pro shipping that would notify dos and don'ts. The easy assembling process has written in the easy guide book. Use of images is a significant step for all ordinary people to understand the process more precisely. The best component of the package is the pocket Nutritionist. A book that explains different smoothie's recipes, benefits and time of consuming the specific recipe at the right time is written in the book. Therefore, buyers can save their investment in dieticians. The book can help with a proper diet guide book.
Easy to assemble & simple to operate:
The user manual of NutriBullet Pro has explained the assembling process and steps of operation. The steps are elementary and user-friendly. Anybody can unpack components and start preparing healthy smoothies instantly. People can find the steps in PDF format online.
The shipping contains power base and cord & plug on board, large cups, and tops. Users need to set-up the bottom at any smooth surface. The product takes fewer spaces so that it can be anywhere of the kitchen countertop. A plug point should be near to the set-up only. Thus, users can get an electrical connection. Put any of the cups on the power base and the preferable handle. The last work is to cover the upper area by the flip top lid, and thus the assembly process would be finished. There are no complications of assembling, and no expert is needed for accomplishing it.

nutribullet 900 watt blender


Operation is simple as well. Plug in and switch on the button of NutriBullet Pro allows the users to extract the ingredients. Give load, extract, and twist and get your smoothie ready. Use the handled lip ring for having the smoothies directly from the tall or colossal cup. A full cup smoothie would be tough for feeding one. The quantity is enough. The simple accessibility enhances the usability of the product more. As any technical knowledge is not required; therefore, single men and single women can depend on the product. Users' need to bring fruits, vegetables, and seeds and pour that into the cup for extraction. See the five stages of the operation's image below.

nutribullet 900 blender


Faster Maintenance:
NutriBullet provides the most aspiring usability to its all products. Online reviews, the reaction of the users and rating prove that the products are valuable in the industry. Easy maintenance is another decisive factor of the NutriBullet Pro
Use soapy clothes for clearing the blades, cups, top lids and handle. Powerbase doesn't catch dirt, but in case of overloading of ingredients leakage can happen, and that can make the power base dirty. Use of soapy clothes is perfect for clearing the bottom. There are little brushes available in the online market. Use the small brushes for removing little dust particles around the power button and tricky corners of the machine.
There are two primary instructions for maintaining the product's health well for a long time.
1.    Make sure that the electrical connection is entirely out of any connectivity and the blade is stopped totally.
2.    Dissemble every particle before cleaning.
The manufacturer clearly says that obey extra care for cleaning the blades. There are no such complicated steps of cleaning the product. Cleaning after each extraction is a vital step of prolonging the health of NutriBullet Pro
The other way of maintenance is calculating the loads on the machine. More than 500grams of ingredients can damage the power base. Accessing the device on an uneven surface would cause a crack at the bottom, and the blades can be cracked. So, keeping the gizmo at the flat surface and use the plug-in and plug-out action at the right time would enhance the product's health.
As per the manufacturer, the best way of prolonging the product's health is washing, perfect assembling, and dissembling, maintaining exact arrangement as per the guide book and proper weight distribution.
Hundreds of recipes of the manual book for healthy living:
The motif of NutriBullet Pro is to provide a healthy life for people. So, it delivers hundreds of healthy smoothies' recipes via a manual book. Users can get the methods without any cost. As the product cracks, rips, shreds, and busts at the same time, therefore, the many types of smoothies can be prepared by one machine.
Green smoothie and peanut butter push are two delicious smoothies. These two are easy to arrange and prepare. So, these two recipes are referred for the beginners. 
NutriBullet Pro users can reach the advanced stage in a week and from the second week they can jump to the weight loss smoothies like almond butter smoothie and PR & Blueberry J. Almond Butter Smoothie is very filling, and it can be the perfect alternative of lunch.
NutriBullet Pro provides one year of warranty with the product. If the users want to extend their warranty, then they can continue that. The company has extended four years of warranty as well. It is purchasable and starts from the end of the first year.
Caution summarization: 
The operation, assembly and maintenance steps of NutriBullet Pro are simple though there are some important instructions to follow. The guide book has highlighted the caution areas for must reading. Users should read and understand the instructions before using. There is some restriction regarding the use of ingredients, operation process, and maintenance.

nutribullet 900-watt blender

Here some of the basic instructions have highlighted. Users should have a look at the guide book for detailed understanding.
1.    As the system runs by electricity, therefore, users should keep children away from the electrical points.
2.    Never try to accomplish any smoothie preparation process without using the top lid. Don't keep the cup cover free in any condition.
3. Don't cross the max level at any cost. Every container has a spot with the word (MAX); it is the maximum point of pouring ingredients. If the level has crossed, then that would cause leakage.
4.    The user instruction wrote boldly, that never use any liquids and HOT ingredients in the NutriBullet Pro extractor. 
5.    The general time of completing a smoothie recipe is less than one minute. As the blade has a cyclonic speed, therefore, blending with more time may increase the heat.
6.    The general temperature of every ingredient should be 70degree F or less. Refrigerated items must be kept in room temp for sometime before putting into the system.
7.    Any attachment to the gizmo, which is not being created by the manufacturer like jars and other types of containers are strictly prohibited. Such unsuitable components may cause fire, electric shock or different sorts of significant injury.
8.    Fit the blade properly and tighten that by hand before accessing. Check and recheck the massive build-up is mandatory.
9.    The extractor doesn't allow all sorts of ingredients. So, read the instruction or download the app from the App Store to get a clear view of what to be used and what not.
10.    Clear the blades and cups after each use is mandatory for a better result at the next extraction. Clearing blades are must for keeping any danger away.
General thoughts:
Many users have posted reviews of NutriBullet Pro. In the studies, the users have cleared their dissatisfaction regarding using the product. Most of the cases have shown that leakage is the focal point of the negative feedbacks. Yes, leakage is a topic that should be concerned highly. Leakage depends on many factors.
First of all the load must be concerned. The readers have already read that each cup has a maximum level. 

nutribullet 900 13 piece juicer blender


So, crossing that level would leak inevitably. If the users can maintain the instruction and still facing leakage problem, then don't wait to call at the customer care service or return the product. NutriBullet refunds money within 30days return from the ordering day.
Secondly the NutriBullet Pro allows ingredients that are not too hot or cold. So, please keep every component at the room temp for a while and then pour that in the cup. 
Don't forget to add the top lid. 

nutribullet special edition 900 watt nutribullet blender

Thus, the machine would not leak anything. 
Sometimes, people have complained about too much noise. It happens if any particles have left around the blades. There is a clear instruction of cleaning the blades, cups, and accessories after each use. If the user doesn't follow washing instruction, then the blades can create noise.
If the users have followed the instructions of the manual book, then NutriBullet Pro is one of the best blenders. The '13 set system is more than a basic mixer or blender. This extractor pulverizes, emulsifies and breaks the hardest particles in less time effort. It helps many families to prepare many healthy recipes in less time. 
Item description:

nutribullet 900 series blender

•    Product's weight – 10.05pounds
•    Shipping weight – 10.55 pounds
•    Dimension – 12 X 7.7 X 15.9 inches
•    Model number – NB9-1301
•    Color – Champagne
•    Material – stainless steel


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