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OXO BREW 9 Cup Coffee Maker Review


A review on the features, functions, advantages, and limitations of Oxo Brew 9 Cup coffee maker
Oxo Brew 9 Cup coffee maker is a renowned name to the coffee lovers. This advanced coffee maker is available with all modern features, and it is few among the best coffee makers which have won the reward from SCA or Specialty Coffee Association. This model is fast, and it can make the best coffee ever. It can blend the coffee seeds properly and can make the tastiest coffee.

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Oxo Brew 9 Cup coffee maker has become extremely noticeable due to its height. The height of this machine is 15 inches. Well, you need to place it at an open place. You are not able to keep this machine underneath the wall cabinets with a low height. Well, this blending machine has an elegant appearance, and the entire construction is done with mixed brushed stainless steel combined with black plastic. The reservoir can store for at least 40.5 ounces. So, it can be said that this coffee maker possesses a handsome profile and it will no doubt enhance the beauty of your room. The carafe is set just beneath the filters, and here type 4 paper filers are being used. This machine is available with an LED display on the front space of the coffee maker. This LED display also helps to give a smart as well as premium look to this coffee brewer. 
Know about the features and functionality of Oxo Brew 9 Cup coffee maker

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The demand for this branded coffee maker is getting raised. Every customer must understand the features and functionality of this blender. 
    This coffee maker is SCAA certified, and this has made this product more reliable to the end users. This blender can work at a temperature between 197.6 degrees F to 204.8 degrees F
    This system is straightforward to operate. This machine is facilitated with LED light as well as a dial button. It will help to start the process quickly and easily. So, you can notice how fast this brewing process can work. 
    This system is available with a mixing tube, and this tube helps to brew the coffee. This tube is removable and mixed with silicon.
    While you are going to remove the carafe, the brewing will get paused, and it will help to remove the cup easily. The brewing process will remain stop for 60 seconds and by that time you need to remove the cup of brewed coffee. After removal, the brewing process will resume again. 
    If you feel to have a cup of coffee early in the morning, this coffee maker is beneficial as this machine is well facilitated with a wake-up timer. Here you need to set a timer, and the coffee will start brewing automatically. So the coffee will get ready by that time your wake-up in the morning. 
    Once you find that the brewing cycle is complete, the timer will start count up. So, you will be happy to hear that you are going to have fresh coffee always. 
The entire brewing process 

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In comparison to other branded coffee makers, Oxo Brew 9 Cup coffee maker is a straightforward one. The brewing process followed by this machine is a bit different than other products. At first, you need to fill the water reservoir, and then the flip-up lid is required to be opened. Now you need to place a filter into the basket of the brewer’s screen and then add ground coffee. The machine will help you to choose the quantity of coffee that you are required to add. The electronic dial attached to the system will is a great help to prepare at five to nine cup of coffee at a time during any get-together. A knob is connected with to the machine which helps a lot to make smaller batches of coffee such as two or four cups. There is one limitation to this machine as this is not able to detect the volume of the water during brewing within the tank. Hence, you need to check whether the reservoir has enough water to prepare the coffee or not. 
Advantages and disadvantages of Oxo Brew 9 Cup coffee maker

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The Oxo Brew 9 Cup coffee maker is no doubt one of the great inventions in recent days. This machine can be compared to other remarkable branded coffee maker. Lots of advanced features are available with this system. So, whenever you are going to use this machine you need to understand the advantages that you can get from this system.
    Temperature controlling facility: Temperature control is no doubt one of the most important criterions that every coffee maker should have. This system has a precise temperature controlling system. The advanced mode in this product can maintain warmth all through the brewing process. This controlling process can extract the whole essence of the coffee. The water is getting heated within 197.6 to 204.8 degree F. 


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    Smart microprocessor: This system is also facilitated with advance and intelligent microprocessor. This system oversees the time and temperature and also checks the volume of the water. 
    Inside the scale of the water: Another essential criterion is to measure the water. Here you need to fill the kettle, and you need to pour the amount of coffee that you are required to have to make the perfect coffee. After you have added the coffee correctly at the right proportion, the machine starts brewing of coffee. 
    Pre-infusion operation:  The pre-infusion technology of this coffee brewing machine is noticeable. This cycle will allow the coffee to bloom after it releases the Co2. Perfect release of CO2 is necessary so that the taste of the coffee can remain intact. 
    Advanced showerhead: Every coffee maker should have the perfect showerhead. Here in this coffee brewing machine too, you will be able to notice the existence of advanced showerhead. This new showerhead will no doubt help to make the most flavored coffee. It helps to distribute the water over the grounds of the coffee evenly and help to make the best coffee ever. 
    Stainless steel body: The carafe is made of stainless steel, and hence this is durable a lot. Again due to the stainless steel body, this coffee will only remain warm instead of the body of the carafe. 

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    Easy and straightforward controlling system: simplicity and ease of use have made this coffee brewing machine extremely popular. This system is available with a bright LED which makes it easy to operate the system. There is only one single dial system, and this also helps to adjust the brew timing automatically. This brew timing is mainly dependent on the coffee that you use to make the coffee. 
    Timer setting: If you want to have your coffee early in the morning you wake up, you need to set the time available with this system. This timer will set the time. Once you set the time, it will start brewing coffee, and you will get your desired drink to leave your bed. This timer will help to begin the brewing of coffee and will also help to end it once the brewery gets over. 


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    Blending tube: another significant part of every coffee blending machine is blending or mixing container. This facility is absent in other models, but this facility is available with this Oxo Brew 9 Cup coffee maker. This feature helps to mix the coffee perfectly and helps to make perfect coffee with the best essence. 


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Specification of Oxo Brew 9 Cup coffee maker
This model of coffee brewing machine has become extremely popular in recent days. There are lots of areas such as advanced technology; etc. has made this product extremely popular. Well, when any buyer is going to buy this product, it is necessary to understand the specification of this system. Here you can take a look at the specification of this system. 
    This system has a width of 14.5 inches, and the depth is 6.75 inches. The height of this coffee brewing machine is 17.2 inches. 
    The weight of this product is 7.75 lbs 
    It can work at 1400W, and 110 V is required to run this system. 
    This coffee brewing machine is able to make 9 cups of coffee 
    The body of this machine is made of stainless steel

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Check the Performance of Oxo Brew 9 Cup coffee maker
Unlike other branded coffee machines, this model does not have a built-in water scale. This system also does not possess a dedicated presoak. Well, due to these absences you should not think that this machine does not have any sophistication. A microprocessor is attached to this system, and it can keep an eye over the parameters of the real time.  The factors which are mainly included here are 
    Temperature 
    Speed of the flow of the water
    The Volume of the brewed coffee

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All these qualities can give the optimum result to this coffee brewing machine. This machine takes a bit more time to brew coffee. The total brewing time is taken for 7 minutes and 41 seconds. As per the Specialty Coffee Association or SCA, this timing of this coffee machine is considered excellent. Still, there are specific machines which can make the brewing of coffee in within 6 minutes. While you are going to use this brewing machine, you need to understand the quantity that you should use. If you are going to brew coffee of 40 ounces, then you need to add 2.3 ounces of coffee in which you need to add water at the ratio of 1:2. This is the simple recipe following which you will be able to get the tastiest coffee always. This system is available with a fancy microchip. This coffee maker is not able to maintain a tight rein while the brewing is running on. You must understand the heat level while the entire brewing process is going on. The fluctuation of the heat varies between 138 f to 204.4 F. Within this range a significant swing in temperature can be noticed in comparison to other machines. 


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Another exciting thing about this machine is that here you can observe the refractometer testing. This testing indicates the thing which is made out of the heat. These are totally over extracted and such translation is made at an average of 27 percent. While you are going to taste the test, then this you can avail from the numbers of pots those have been brewed. Well, you can notice that this brewed coffee will have a bitter finish. This sharp and bitter taste is the hallmark of excess extraction. This type of situation mainly happens that while pulling the horrible flavors generating from the ground after the leaking of pleasant essence of the coffee. 
Care and maintenance of this coffee brewing machine
While you are planning to buy Oxo Brew 9 Cup coffee maker, you must understand at first how to use this machine. Next, you should be aware of regarding how to take proper care of this system. Every package of this system is available with a manufacturer’s instruction, and all must follow that instruction. You should understand what is written in the manual and you need to follow them accordingly to clean this product properly. 
    During cleaning the system, it is necessary to descale at the time when the icon for descaling appears. 
    It is always instructed that after every use this product must be adequately cleaned. Here you can use pure dishwashing soap to clean the filter basket as well as the carafe made of stainless steel. 
    The outer part of the coffee maker is required to be cleaned and moped with a wet and clean cloth. 
Lots of incidents can be noticed in recent days from where you can understand that the reason of popularity of this coffee brewing machine. Once a homeowner states that this system has made it extremely helpful to arrange a get-together easily.

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