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T-fal Fr8000 Deep Fryers Review



T-fal stainless steel basket, easy-clean fryer, oil filtration, 2.6 lbs, silver, T-FAL FR8000model. Prepare quality fried dishes in the restaurant at home, with no misfortune and misery - thanks to the T-Fal Ultimate EZ Clean fry. Designed for family meals or appetizers when it's fun, the deep-toaster offers a 3.5-liter capacity and a capacity of £ 2.65. Appetizers, main dishes, or desserts - do the classic or let your creative inspiration inspires yourself. The sturdy thermostat of the 1700-watt fryer allows you to select the ideal cooking temperature for foods to be fried. Its fast heating system provides bright, low-absorbency layers for healthier results. When finished, the innovative oil filter system of the creative machine automatically empties and filters the remaining oil into a large plastic container underneath. For best results, we recommend unsaturated vegetable oil. The detachable sealed container stores the fat for later use, saving time and money. Among the essential features are a two-position cooking and draining range, a viewing window in the lid, refreshing handles, a permanent odor filter to keep kitchen odors and safety features for the car dishwasher for quick cleaning. With the extra T-Fal Ultimate EZ Clean fryer, frying delicious homemade meals was much more comfortable. 

t-fal fr8000

Important precautions
When using electrical appliances, be sure to take some precautions, fundamental safety issues and the following:
1. Read these instructions completely.
2. Do not touch hot surfaces. Use the handles and buttons.
3. To protect yourself from electrical shock, do not immerse the power cord, outlets, or the appliance in water or any other liquid.
4. Close supervision is necessary when children or their reach use the entire electrical device.
5. Unplug the unit after use and before cleaning. Let it cool before install or remove accessories or clean it.
6. Do not use any electrical appliance whose power cord or plug has been damaged, when the device malfunctions or if the way has damaged that it is. Return defective devices to a service center for an examination, adjustment, or repair.
7. The use of attachments not recommended by the manufacturer could result in injury.
8. Do not use the device outdoors.
9. Do not let the power cord hang down a table or counter, and do not leave it in contact with hot surfaces.


t-fal fr8000 deep fryer

10. Never place the appliance on or near a gas burner, electric hob, or in a hot oven.
11. Be extremely careful if you move a device containing hot oil or any other hot liquid.
12. Always attach the plug to the unit first (depending on the model) and then current. To turn off the appliance, turn the control knob to the off position, then unplug it.
13. Only use this device for the purpose for which it was designed.
14. Make sure the handle is correctly secured to the basket and securely in place.

t-fal fr8000 review

15. Keep these instructions for domestic use.
16. Splashing possibility. Water that reacts to hot oil is extremely volatile. Please ensure, whatever the recipe is indicated, well-washing food before diving in hot oil.
17. Before use, make sure the power supply voltage of your device corresponds to that of your electrical installation (see the nameplate under the plot: it indicates its nominal voltage ex. : 120v).
18. Make sure that the sockets have a minimum current of 15 amperes. If the sleeves and taking the appliance are incompatible, call a qualified electrician who replaces the device.
19. This electrical appliance operates at high temperatures that can cause burns.
20. For safe use, do not introduce food that is a too bulky device.
21. Do not overload your basket; respect the safe limit quantities.
22. The cooking times are given as an indication.
23. Do not let the cord hang.
24. Do not unplug the appliance by pulling on the cable.
25. Always unplug the unit immediately after use. In case of fire, never attempt to extinguish flames with water. Smother the fire with a damp cloth.
27. Do not move the appliance containing hot food.
28. Never immerse the device in the water!
29. This appliance is not suitable for the preparation of liquid recipes (soups).
30. Never operate the machine empty.
31. Do not overload the dish; respect the recommended quantities.
32. After cleaning, make sure that the lid and the bowl are entirely dry before using them.
33. Never exceed the quantities minimum and maximum fat.
34. Never operate your fryer empty (without fat).
35. Your deep fryer has a permanent metal filter; it is not necessary to switch.
36. This device is not intended for use by persons (including children)whose physical, sensory or mental abilities are reduced, or having no experience or knowledge, unless they have been able to benefit, through a person responsible for their safety, surveillance instructions for using the device. It should be monitored children to make sure they do not play with the device.
37. For any problem, contact our after-sales service or go to the internet address
Polarization instructions (United States)
If your appliance has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other), this must reduce the risk of electric shock. This form is only connected in one meaning. If the plug does not fit properly into the wall outlet, turn it in the opposite direction. Contact an electrician if it still does not provide. Do not modify the plug in any way.
Instructions for the power cord
Do not use an extension cord; the product is supplied with a short power cord to avoid that it does not get tangled or that it stumbles on it.

t-fal fr8000 manual

Filtering, emptying and storageautomatic oil
Your fryer is equipped with a particular system and patented filtering, and automatic draining adapted to all types of dietary fat.
• An oil change is intuitive and safe.
• Thanks to the patented automated filtering system, your fat stays clean and lasts longer long, which makes frying healthier.
• The OIL BOX oil tank allows you to keep your oil until the next use and to prevent the flavors do not mix.
Ultra-easy cleaning
Your fryer is easy to handle and disassemble.
• All parts are dishwasher safe except for the control box and the cord.
• Thanks to the patented automatic filtering system and oil storage, your fryer can go to the dishwasher after every cooking, so that it is clean as new after each use.
Using the button
Oil box
There are three positions on the oil box control button:
• Fry position: to fry.
• Position Automatic Oil Filtration: to empty and filter the oil in the oil pan.
• Oil Box Position: to set up or remove the tray to oil.
Before first use
The T-FAL FR8000 DEEP FRYERS can be disassembled entirely (except the control box).
• Remove the cover. Remove the oil pan sitting the oil box control knob to the Oil Box position.
• Clean the lid, bowl, housing, basket, and the oil tank with soap and water or in a dishwasher.
• Clean the control box separately with a sponge.
• Dry well.
• After each cleaning, press the buttoned under the tank to let the water escape. 
• Place the container and then the control box. 
• Set the Oil box control knob to the Oil Box position and place the empty oil pan in the fryer. 
• Put the control knob in the Fry position.
• Unfold the basket handle completely: a "Click" indicates that it is locked.

t-fal fr8000 deep fryer with basket

Maintenance and Cleaning

For your safety, the product ensures automatically drain (in filter position)when the fat has sufficiently cooled(about 3 hours after the last baking).
• Once the cooking is finished, put the Oil box control at automatic oil position filtration. 
• Once the filtering is complete, you can store the oil pan:
- In the device: put the command button Oil box at the Fry position. The equipment must be transported and stored flat. 
- out of the device: put the button Oil box control at the Oil box position.
And remove the oil pan. Carry it with caution.
• Store the oil in a cool, dry place, at a temperature not exceeding the temperature room.
• To reuse the oil, take the oil container with caution.
• Unscrew the cap and empty the oil into the tank.
• For solid fat (not recommended), remove FRlid. Turn over the oil pan and press above to take off the fat. Cut the fat in pieces and melt in a pot. Then pour it into the tank.
• Put the empty tray in the Deep Fryers, with its lid and its cap. Put the button box control at the Fry position.
• The cover, the bowl, the box, the basket, and the Oil tank are dishwasher safe. Clean the control box separately with a sponge.

t-fal fr8000 accessories

In line with T-fal's firm commitment to the environment, most T-fal products are repairable during the warranty period and after that. Before returning defective products to the place where you bought them, please contact T-fal customer service directly  To the phone number listed below for repair options. Your help to support the environment is appreciated!
T-Fal warrants this product for one year against any manufacturing or workmanship defects from the original date of purchase. This T-Fal manufacturer's warranty complements consumer rights.
The manufacturer's warranty covers all costs of repairing a defective product to ensure that conforms to its original specifications by repairing or replacing faulty parts and The necessary labor. At T-fal's option, a replacement product may be offered instead of Repair of the defective product. T-Fal's obligations under this guarantee are limited exclusively to this Repair or replacement.

t-fal fr8000 walmart

Conditions and exclusions
The T-for warranty applies only to the United States, Canada, and Mexico and is only a valid presentation of proof of purchase. The product can be deposited directly in person, at an Authorized service or may be adequately packaged and returned by registered mail (or other Similar shipping methods), to an authorized service center. The complete list of service centers of each country, as well as their full contact details, is available on the T-fal website. or by dialing the appropriate telephone number, as listed below, to Obtain the appropriate mailing address. T-fal will not be obliged to repair or exchange a product that is not accompanied by valid proof purchase. This warranty does not cover damage that occurs as a result of misuse, Negligence, failure to follow instructions for use and maintenance, use with a piece of Electrical food equipment which is not in conformity with that indicated on the nameplate or modification or Unauthorized repair of the product. It also does not include normal product wear or maintenance or the replacement of consumable parts or the following cases:
- use of unsuitable water.
- infiltration of water, dust, insects, into the product.
- mechanical damage or overload.
- Damage or bad results due to lousy voltage or lousy frequency.
- any accident related to fire, flood, lightning, etc.
- professional or commercial use.
- damaged glass or ceramics.
This warranty does not apply to products that are tampered with or damaged as a result of improper use or improper maintenance, problems with the packaging made by its owner or Improper handling by the carrier.
T-fal manufacturer's warranty applies only to products purchased and used in the United States, Canada and In Mexico. In case of use in a country other than one of the purchases:
A) The duration of T-fal's warranty will be the country of use of the product, even if the product has
been purchased in one of the countries on the list, with a guarantee of duration different.
B) The T-fal warranty does not apply in case of non-compliance of the product with local standards,
whose voltage, electrical frequency, type of electrical outlet, or any other specification local.
(c) The repair process for the product purchased outside the country of use may require Longer repair period if T-fal does not sell the product in the country Job.
D) If the product is not repairable in the country of use, the T-FAL guarantee is limited replacement with an equivalent product or a replacement product of the same value if It's possible.
Legal rights of consumers
This T-Fal guarantee does not affect the statutory rights enjoyed by any consumer, which cannot be Excluded or limited, nor the legal rights to the merchant where the consumer purchased the product.
This warranty gives the consumer specific rights, and the consumer may also Special rights depending on the country, state, or province. The consumer can do use of these rights at its sole discretion.
Additional Information
Accessories, consumables and other parts directly replaceable by the user, can be Purchased, if available locally, as described on the website.

t-fal fr8000 instructions

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